• To provide value based education of high standard with excellent moral character through good discipline and affectionate care.
  • To provide opportunities and facilities to help students grow physically strong, mentally sound intellectually sharp.
  • To inculcate the human values in the students and to make them appreciate the beauty in all forms: literature, art, music and nature.
  • To educate and train the students for becoming responsible citizens with scientific outlook and with their roots in our rich tradition, heritage and culture.
  • To develop the winning personality of the students with all the essential inputs.



  • To develop and maintain in students, lively enquiring minds and flexible attitudes to promote the ability to question and to discuss actively: to encourage pupils to apply themselves to a range of tasks and skills: to encourage and facilitate self-evaluation.
  • To provide value based education of high standards that results in fostering mutual trust and respect, to see development within each student, the importance of truth and to see each student take on responsibility for his \her actions.
  • To emphasize the importance of linguistic, mathematical, scientific, technological, aesthetic, creative and physical areas of learning and to develop competence in them.
  • To help students to develop personal and moral values a tolerance for others and their way of life.
  • To help students to understand the world in which they live and the interdependence of individuals, groups and nations. To develop sensitivity to the needs of others.
  • To promote equality, in terms of all, regardless caste, creed, sex or social background. To instil a love of learning for its own sake and an awareness of education as a lifelong process.
  • In short, we want the students to understand the relevance of what they are being taught for their personal development as individuals and to the needs of a career and life outside school.