Principal's Message

In 4500 BC,Sandipani Ashram,Ujjain where Krishna and Sudhama together spend their first face of life Bhrahmachariya  which gives a great message to the world of humanity that in any educational platform there is no rich or poor ,no discrimination of caste, color, culture or gender . The Guru Sandipani was an exceptional enlightened teacher who has molded great intellect Lord Krishna, agriculturalist Balarama and a landmark of friendship Sudhama. From ancient times, in fact Guru has an incomparable role in molding once real, intellectual life as well. Guru Sandeepini is the first person who did a revolutionary change in GuruKul system after human evolvement of civilization from Mariyada Purushothaman (Sri Rama) to Poorna Purushothaman (Sri Krishna). He was the first ever Guru who said every student is being admitted in GuruKul without any discrimination.


In Gurukul,
Guru is important……
His character, intelligence and abilities are important…….
His life discipline is important…….
 His wisdom is important……….

Guru should be a role model, a caring lovable parent, strict disciplinarian, selfless personality, maintains simplicity, firm in truthfulness, piously kind and so on. In modern age of India Guru Rabeendra Natha Tagore reminded to us by proving that this ancient system has to be followed in Indian education culture. Maharishi Devendranath Tagore, founded Santhinikethan is the best example of modern GuruKul which contributed many eminent personalities for our nation.
The objective of Vishwashanthi Gurukul is to impart ancient Gurukul culture of education in which great human values and culture is highlighted throughout their education irrespective of any religion/cast/ creed/ color or culture. VGS develops the strong humanitarian attitude towards his environment where he lives in terms of human values and courteousness. This is being taught in VGS by enlightened community of Gurus. In modern world, science and technology is hiring the space of human brain and leave his inner conscious empty whereas in ancient knowledge space, Guru develop the inner conscious ignoring the physical development.

Brain or physical development is normal for any species whereas consciousness or thinking power is in larger canvas only for humans. VGS intent to develop the inner consciousness of young minds which lead them to great wisdom or enlightenment. This can be achieved only through skill based learning system, conceptualisation, proper understanding, comprehensive interaction, teasing the brain, courage to question, accept challenges, readiness for intellectual debates, unconditional arguments, and uncompromised positive practices.

Here in VGS campuses, it is catering the younger buds with positive environment which nurture the consensuses of body and mind. Both are being nurtured equally with great masters of enlightenments. In VGS we are not teaching any curriculum but we are moulding young minds through various curriculum identified by modern education system that too with the support of science and technology. We recognise such curriculums as only a tool to make the students to introduce a modern world-its advantages and disadvantages. The knowledge based learning system is a short cut to reach the life of fantasy whereas skill, value based learning system lead the kids to reach the  world of enlightenment where they get freedom to think, use their talents to excel, attains joy of life.
A Great Guru extinguish all the evils such as selfishness, desires, lunge of pleasure, unhealthy competitions, comparisons, envious attitudes any many more evils from their little mind and fill up with love, care, observance, compassion ,thinking skills, truthfulness, happiness etc.

The products of VGS would exhibit their simplicity in life but highly talented in life skills.
They never be ruled by technology but they rule technology…..
They never allow to be governed by technology or science but they innovate, keep on investigating and never stop his inquiries…..
They search and explore but never conclude his research…….
They never depend on anything or anyone but the world be contingent on them…..
They are truly self-governing to fly in the world of knowledge…..

The Karma of VGS is to find the gem from the mud, polish it again and again until it is identified as a precious one.

Though Pancha Pandavas were equally skilled and enlightened as far as Guru Dhronacharya is concerned, Lord Krishna selected only Arjuna as the key person to win the battle of good and evil. This is because of high level skill based knowledge of Arjuna,  and his observance, concentration, dedication, sincere attitude, sacrifice and many more hidden qualities. Though he was blessed by many boons in terms of weapons but technology never ruled him, whereas he ruled on the weapons and had good control over them. He was very sure that how to use it and when to use it and consequently he become the saviour of Pandavas in the battle.

This great philosophy that we VGS follow to build our next generation. We believe every child is a bank of talents and life skills. Our mission is only to observe them, equip them, guide them to take apt decisions, motivate them to think independently,  nurture their creativity, care them with love and affection……..

We does that meticulously………Our enlightened team are dedicated to serve them and be proud of them.