Project Kiran -  A ray of Hope ...

Aims of the Project Kiran - Project Kiran shall provide with the opportunity for self-training in the development of character, responsible future citizens and service to community.  It shall encourage goodwill and understanding.

Project Kiran shall further be divided into 4 areas.

I.  Value consciousness -

  • Self awareness and development.
  • Love and appreciation for life.
  • Importance of Faith.

II. Human Relationships -

  • Self-respect and understanding.
  • Mutual respect and understanding.
  • Leadership development.
  • Sense of community.

III. Life Adjustment

  • Creativity
  • Health and safety/consciousness
  • Life prepareness

IV. Contribution to the community -

  • Citizenship.
  • Social consciousness and service.
  • The Programme - Project Kiran - A ray of hope... ... where in a village Ambadawe 20 km. away from Pune a tribal school shall be helped. The programme shall provide learning through activities designed to fulfil the aim of Project Kiran. It shall develop in our students self development and leadership qualities.
  • Helpers of the Project Kiran -

They shall be from Std. VIII between the age group of 12-13 years. They will learn to help the community through songs, games, art & craft and stories. The imaginative and flexible programme shall encourage each child to develop their individual talent and able to help others.


As a part of 'Project Kiran' - 'A ray of Hope' - A medical camp was organized by the M.I.T. English Medium High School on 16th September, 2003 at Ambadawe village.  Doctors from MIMER College, Talegaon conducted the medical camp.  The teachers and students of Std. VIII under the able guidance of the H.M. of English Medium High School accompanied the team.

The children of the Balwadi, Primary school and the Adivasi School underwent the medical check up.  The result of the medical check up was 90% of the children were undernourished and few of them had skin problems too due to unhygienic conditions.  The doctors gave suitable consultation and even treated them with proper medication.Educative teaching aids as well as some toys and games for both indoor and outdoor use were presented to these schools.  Apples were distributed to the students.

Children of Std. VIII spoke about health and hygiene to the students as well as the parents.  The presentation of the speech was good and useful.

The educational trip to Ambadawe which was also a part of community development programme was very interesting and fruitful.  We as teachers and students look forward for many more such camps.

  • In the academic year 2004-05 a Educational Computer was donated to a tribal school at Ambatvet.
  • In the academic year 2006-07 an educational aids, refreshments were distributed to tribal school at Ambatvet by our students under social service activity.