Pre-Primary Events

Bhondla Celebration

One of the unique features of M.I.T. Pre-Primary English Medium School is festival celebrations in dramatization form. Along with vocabulary and language development, children are exposed to the platform to show their talents.

It helps them to become confident, bold and expressive.

Information and importance of festival and the traditional way of celebration is shown in the form of drama, speeches and dance by the children.

Here are the glimpses of Bhondla celebration in the form of drama.

Importance of festival was portrayed through drama and dandiya dance which children enjoyed a lot along with khirapat.



School organized exhibition of teaching aids and projects on general knowledge and science on 21st August 2015.

Through the display of teaching aids parents were given ideas at various basic teaching methods, through which learning is made effective and interesting.

Projects on General Knowledge and science helped to clear different concepts.

Through this exhibition an attempt to create awareness and to impart social message was done successfully.


Visit to the garden is the activity conducted under the topic plants to show the variety of plants in nature. Their types, uses and importance is explained.

The social message of save trees, do not cut trees and grow more trees is given as well as and germination process is also shown.