Aarogya( Health, hygiene & Nutrition)

Good health is beneficial not only for the individual but it is also effective for the family and the community Health is a function not only of medical care, but also of the overall integrated development of society in its cultural, social educational, psychological aspects and is supported by diet, environment and health education. It is therefore mandatory that we must give good guidance about health, hygiene and nutrition from the beginning to the children. School can play a very vital role in the attainment of good health of the students.

A healthy body and a healthy mind is essential for success in life. To inculcate values like staying clean, eating balanced and nutritious food, sleeping well music and dance having physical exercises, being kind cheerful and happy and having a positive attitude instead of ill thoughts in the mind.

Necessity of the project: It is the need of the hour to create an awareness among the children to stay “No” to junk food and develop a pattern of eating during the early years which tends to stay with the child. It is important to include more of proteins, vitamins and vegetable in their daily diet.

It is necessary for parents and teachers to create an awareness to carefully analyze the content of the T.V. channels or any reading material such as newspapers or magazines, judge and acquire knowledge from them. It is necessary for parents to make sure that their children read the right kind of literature or at least make sure that their children are reading and watching things critically.